Thursday, 16 February 2012

Half term adventure to St Peter's Seminary at Cardross

So it was half term and the mooch was upon us all. The sofa was positively sagging at the effort. What were we going to do? 

Time for an adventure. Boy Three was deposited with the childminder so his big brothers and I hit the road to Cardross. 

Obviously when you're going to explore Scotland's Creepiest Building you'd be advised to take someone with you. So when Fionaoutdoors and H agreed to join us I was very happy. 

The Boys weren't convinced of the whole enterprise, least of all when we couldn't find the spot at the first pass. But they perked up a bit when we led them through a broken bit of fence...

"Surely we're not allowed." I think they'd been looking for a ticket booth, or at least a sign post.

But once inside the wreck of St Peter's College, they forgot their grumbles. Despite the dank and broken mess underfoot, enough of the splendid concrete statement remained to get the idea of lofty light spaces and angular modernism. 

Urban artists have attacked the walls with gusto and pseudo-satanists may have used it as a party venue. 

But what's to be done with a listed building that stands as monument to misplaced optimism? Make it an urban art gallery, a camp site for the intrepid, a preserved ruin, or a destination for fed up parents looking for an adventure?

PS pictures aren't great because I stupidly left memory card in computer not camera. 


  1. Oh wow - my daughter is all gothic again so I have to take her here for photos - it's gorgeous!

  2. She would love it - it's Goth porn.

  3. Looks fantastic! I will add it to my list of 'weird places to visit someday'.

  4. I've been here as well and it was a strange feeling, quite like the one I got when I visited Lennox Castle Hospital.. Great pics! I must look mine out!

  5. It looks like a fascinating place! Plus the pictures are great too! Thanks for joining us over at Loveallblogs Weekly Travel showcase! :)

  6. BavarianSojourn, thanks it was a fascinating place and it's given us a taste for adventure.


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