Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My day in numbers: counting to ten slowly

5     bananas eaten by Boy Three
10   minutes taken to consume bananas by Boy Three

1     edition of cake-making part work delivered

2     things broken in kitchen due to cake-making by Boy One

1     sets of PE kit lost today

3     sets of PE kit lost since September 

1     deadline met

0     in boxes emptied

2     pairs of trousers soak by Boy One (various fluids)

45   minutes waiting for someone at Tax Office to talk to me

46   minutes children were quiet before rumpus erupted

16   fish fingers consumed 

6     interventions needed with Boy Three's cooking help

0     kitchen surfaces unscathed by Boy One's cooking

1     fantastic new band discovered 


  1. Oh good lord when you count them all up like that it looks like a crazy day!

    1. I forgot to add "3 number of unwanted calls from Lifestyle Survey" and "1 new episodes of rather good Kiefer Sutherland drama watched".

  2. Ellen, you write my life. Or at least, my life as it was before the boys hit school, and as it is when they come home from such. And then other half comes home and asks, what have you done all day, and you kind of go... Well.... not much, really! Thanks for this post, it made me smile!

    1. Yes I get that too. What did you do? Erm...


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