Monday, 5 March 2012

Review: Without the right bra yoga is a bust

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You have probably gathered that I like the occasional downward dog, pigeon or half moon.

In other words I am no stranger to the yoga mat. I know that pose of a child doesn't mean looking shifty while quickly trying to hide a half-eaten sweetie.

But if you thought that getting my leg behind my ear was my biggest challenge, you'd be wrong.

It's not holding in a fart while maintaining an elegant pose. Nor is it not sniggering during oms.

No, it's finding the right bra for the job. A yoga bra. A karmic chest garment. Scanties for sun salutations.

What? But it's not as if you're jogging or doing start jumps.

True. But that's not it. Holding things entirely static is easy. Lots and lots of elastic, sturdy engineering and some cunning cantilevering. The result is a solid monoboob - a Lycra-covered buffer.

Obviously if you are from the species of the slender and willowy you can stop reading now and take yourself off to do some headstands.

And that's where the real problem lies - the inversions. These are the poses where you are upside down one way our another. 

If you are a sister to whom the titty fairy brought a bonus delivery, you find your bosoms fall upwards. Actually it's downwards like normal it's just the rest of you is the wrong way up.

The effect, particularly in things like a shoulder stand where your chin is tucked in is somewhat muffling. Imagine breathing deeply with a chubby toddler pretending to be your  scarf and you'll get the picture. I can lend you a toddler, if you aren't sure. 

And wearing a rigid exert-yourself bra with its resultant monoboob is even worse - there's no give, like a chubby toddler having a tantrum.

Add to this that yoga requires you to move freely - especially the ribs and back - and have some awareness of buried things such as your sternum, you begin to see the difficulty. 

So when Fionaoutdoors asked if I'd like to try a sports bra from Simply Sweat I jumped at the chance. After much dithering I picked one by Pure Lime that offered separation, compression, breathability and promises not to irritate. With features like this my hopes are high.

I have given it a whirl and so far, so stable and separate. I haven't hit the mat with quite the intensity I did the other week, but when I do I'll report back. Meantime, om shanti. sent me a Pure Lime bra to review. 



  1. that looks like a serious bit of kit!

  2. There are statistics to prove that not all women are wearing the right size for their bust and offer them nothing but difficulties and uneasiness.


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