Friday, 13 April 2012

A momentary panic in the bedroom

Boy three has graduated. At the grand age of almost three he has moved from a cot and sleeping bad into a Big Boy bed under a quilt.

We had been considering it for a while, mostly because he had grown so much. He was starting to look faintly silly in the same way a dainty tea cup does in the hand of a large man.

Then during a trip to Granny's he astounded everyone by getting into an a proper bed at first time of asking and staying there for two nights in a row. So taking hot iron into account, we struck.

Two nights in I went to check on him on my way to bed as usual.

His bed was empty.

I stood frozen as the hairs on the back of my neck pricked up.

But then I heard a snort. And a snuffle. And a snore.

Somewhere Boy Three was sleeping soundly. But where?

It seems he made full use of the padding we put beside the bed in case he fell out, then found it so comfy he carried on snoozing, rolling off and right under the bed.


  1. It really is a heart-stopping moment. One night your super sister was still a small person sleeping in a large cot - I went into her room last thing at night to find cot empty. She was asleep behind the door!!! No idea how she did it,but she didn't seem fussed.

  2. I was trying to escape....its very tiring!
    Supersister x

  3. He is grand now though. If only he could learn to walk through to our bed when he wakes up in the night instead of calling for a chaperone, then it would be even grander. PoN

  4. I'm dreading the whole transfer to a proper bed! My boy's two and a half now and through a complex closure system on his sleeping bag we can keep him contained in his cot. (Once he worked out the zip on his previous gro-bag he was out of the cot faster than lightning!) Can't last forever just terrified of messing with good sleep patterns!

    1. What happens if you put him in his locked sleeping bag in a big bed? Might keep him contained long enough to get the idea. Although with Boy Three even though he is now free to roam he doesn't (yet).

  5. I think it will be around three when we put Little A into her first bed ..... She sleeps well now and I'm hoping it will stay that way with the change.

    1. I put it off as long as possible - Boy 3 has the rest of his life to roam free at night!


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