Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Is it time for a change?

Alert: Navels may be inspected. 

There's been a little voice in my head for a while. (No, not that voice. I don't like to talk about that one.)

It keeps saying: "It's time for a change. Do something different. Go on. Get on with it."

Then I came across a post at Kate On Thin Ice for mums who want to change. She said: "Ask yourself what baby steps you can take to improve your life."

Not, of course, that there's anything wrong with my life. Far from it. 

It's just that thing where if you keep doing the same thing, the same things will keep happening. 

I've had a look at my Bucket List post. I've achieved five things from around 35. Not the kind of ticking off pace I had in mind. 

So, what does this self-indulgent meandering mean? Erm. I'm not quite sure yet, but just that I know I won't get the next book published, the countries visited or the clothes fitted into by doing what I'm doing. It may be time to leave the comfort zone. 


  1. yep....carpe diem and all that...I do think the weather has a lot to do with it too ....when will winter end?? I just just want to pack up and jump ship..... I think as you get older and realise the worse case senario rarely happens risks are more inviting....lets jump!!

  2. It's only now I've been laid up for a while I appreciate my normal good health and ability to seize the day. You never know what's around the corner - so I think you're right to do it while you can! Best of British X

    1. Thanks. I didn't know you'd been poorly. Are you on the mend? x

    2. I am on the mend, ta v much. Passed out a couple of times last week - low iron count apparently - could not stand / sit without feeling dizzy. Then couldn't even be lying down without the room spinning. Ended up with a blood transfusion and still recovering! 'Tis a struggle to read and write still, but gradually improving. Trying to write a funny post about THAT time of life - yet can't function properly. So I would make the most of your good health before you catch me up! :))


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