Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Old McDonald had a fast food restaurant

Feeling blue: A pair of Smurfs
Or another reason why McDonald's leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
On the way to the childminder this morning, Boy Three and I paused our game of Lightning McQueen. He gets to be the racing car while I'm Mater on hand to haul him out of the bushes.

We were beside the white van with the Smurfs cable tied to its grille. Probably not much fun for the Smurfs, but diverting for a toddler.

Van man overheard us discussing why they weren't red, Boy Three's favourite colour. (They just are.)

He came out and gave Boy Three a couple of his spare Smurfs. Result - one chuffed little Chap.

The Smurfs were scrutinised. Boy Three was pleased to identify the golden arches on the label. "McDonald's yummy in my tummy."

Partly I was pleased with an ability to decode that will help him learn to read and partly horrified at what he chose to recognise.

But then.

"Old McDonald had a farm e i e i o,  and on that farm he had a... Happy Meal."


  1. lol funny but true. My boys collected The Smurfs too. I ended up buying some off Ebay because I didn't want to keep buying happy meals. Everything in moderation. x

    1. You have to admit the whole McDonald's toys concept is a genius bit of marketing. Perhaps they should just do them and do away with the food...


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