Saturday, 21 July 2012

The case study request that made me bang my head off the desk repeatedly

It got my goat

We are looking for a man whose wife is much more intelligent than him - and the relationship works!

This arrived in my inbox today, as one of many updates from an organisation that helps journalists find case studies. You know the kind of thing - we're doing a story about families where the men all hate Marmite while the women love it, do you know anyone? Or 50 Shades of Gray Hair - we want to talk to someone from the OAPs SMBD club.

However, today's took the biscuit. It's for the Sunday supplement of a big-selling national paper. 

I could fill pages and pages deconstructing the implication that a man should be more intelligent than his wife and that if that isn't the case something must be terribly amiss. But I won't... I'm too busy bashing my head off the desk and swearing. 


  1. Reminds me of why I got divorced!

    1. You weren't sharper than your husband then? How dare you!

  2. Strikes me this comes somewhere in the realms of the "have you stopped your wife?" sort of question. Mxx

  3. There is stilla long way to go me thinks........


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