Friday, 5 October 2012

Advice for a new mum on her due date

You will think your baby is cuter than this no matter how many chins it has
My friend Julie Scrumptious is expecting a baby - her due date is today. 

It's a little over 13 years since I sat there all fat and fed up waiting for IT to happen. I remember how it felt - a little bit exciting and a lot terrifying. And that was in the days before social networks really took hold. 

Back then I only got scary your-life-is-over-now stories from the folk I actually met in the flesh. 

Now though, poor JS only has to mention her gestation on facebook and dozens of people offer advice, suggestions and anecdotes. It must be bewildering - what to listen to and what to ignore?

So I thought the most helpful thing I could do was to add to it. I would write a post for JS offering some top tips... some of the nuggets I'd wished I known when I first sat there wondering if it was a Braxton Hicks or the Real Thing. 

Here goes:

  • It will pass. However grim, painful, tiring, overwhelming it is, it will pass and get better if you just hang on. 

  • Breastfeeding is hard, don't worry if you can't do it, your baby will be fine. Your happiness is more important in the mix than the statistically tiny benefits your well-fed, middle-class baby will get from breastfeeding. 

  • If someone offers you help, accept and have a list (mental or otherwise) of things they can do for you. 

  • Ignore any advice that you don't like - there are hundreds of ways of most things none of them are wrong. 

  • Your baby will not care how expensive its clothes and equipment are.

  • It's perfectly normal to occasionally feel rubbish and wonder what the hell you've done.
  • However, if you consistently feel rubbish and wonder what the hell you've done, ask for help. There is no shame.
  • In fact, if you are considering whether or not to ask for help, you must ask for help. 

  • There will be poo in the delivery room - yours. 

  • It took nine months for your body to do the miraculous job of making another human being, it will take at least this long for it to recover.
Good luck, Julie Scrumptious. I can't wait to meet your Scrumptious baby when he or she decides he or she is ready. 

Thanks to @cabowick, @PJ, @Creesidelife, @violetposy, @mummylimited, @manaiasmama, @vwallop, @thepottydiaries, @Iainpope73, @caroljs and @pureartifice for their excellent suggestions and advice. 

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  1. Aah. Wish I'd had someone as lovely as that send smething as lovely as that to me when I was in that lovely position. Well done ladies. Good luck Julie.


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