Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween post: a bad day in the land of cars

Asda Spooky Scribes Challenge

Whooooo. Yup it's the time when front halls up and down the land fill with the smell of slowly decaying pumpkin and the annual sweetie circulation begins. 

Are you scared yet? 

To help get us in the mood Asda asked if we'd like to take part in their Spooky Scribes Challenge and sent us a bag of goodies. 

Boy Two cheerfully volunteered to write a spooky story for the occasion. Brace yourselves.

Baby Face Car (in red obviously) smiting an innocent car
Once upon a time in the land of cars on a boring day, all of a sudden, Mr Baby Face Car appeared out of nowhere!!!! He started to stomp on all the other cars and was being a big poo and then he jump on all the houses. So Batcar, Ironcar, Supercar and Hulkcar started to destroy Baby Face Car.. but failed miserably. In the end, Supercar flew to space to get Green Car (Green Lantern) to help fight Baby Face Car. Green Car made a big hammer and hit Baby Face Car over the head with it .... boom!! Baby Face Car exploded into space and they all lived happily ever after...   or did they?

The End

Meanwhile, the author decided he'd make a very sinister clown and his little brother turned himself into a decidedly troubling (if well nourished) skeleton.

Asda have asked us to point out that they have lots of fantastic stuff for Halloween including fancy dress costumes for everyone.


  1. Ha ha at 'being a Big Poo'. That's a fairly common descriptive term in our house too!

  2. Brilliant! I'm so glad it's not just my boys who write violent stories with violent endings. Their vampire costumes are from ASDA - the choice is fab and there's just as much for adults as kids!

    1. I don't have girls but I suspect all kids like cartoonish violence!


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