Sunday, 14 October 2012

What are your babies made from?

Did you crave anything particular with your pregnancies?

Tuna and banana pizza, anyone? It's common to go off and on to certain foods while up the duff.    It was something different for each of my Boys. 

Boy One

HarlanH via Flickr
We lived on Gran Canaria at the time so it was rather convenient that I couldn't get enough gazpacho. They even sold it in McDonald's. I suppose gazpacho is fairy bursting with vitamins -less so the bread and aioli that went with it.

Boy Two

rexipe via Flickr
Kebabs. Any old kebabs would do, but in particular the large lamb kebabs from Chillies on Woodlands Road in Glasgow. Plenty of protein and quite a lot of attitude.

Boy Three

Soreen. Yup this chap was made of malt loaf. Lots of sweet chewy fruity goodness here. Only best served with lashings of butter and occasional chunks of cheese.

What we're your babies made of?

I am being paid to talk about the wonders of Soreen at the moment, and it got me thinking about my various encounters with the squishy stuff. 


  1. The Boywonder was definitely NOT made of tea, coffee or dog poo. Darling Daughter was made of ripe juicy guavas from Waitrose, of course.

    1. I don't think I've ever had guava juice - Waitrose's or otherwise. And I suppose it's best not to make your kids out of dog poo...

    2. I made my son out of egg and cress sandwiches and he turns out now to be allergic to egg! Daughter was made of chocolate digestives - she can eat them no bother . . . go figure??!!

  2. Egg and cress - yum. I haven't had one of them for years. My sister was allergic to egg when she was a child, perfectly OK with it now.


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