Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Businesses I can't be arsed to set up

Blooming good ideas
Some people are starters and others finishers when it comes to enterprise. (Probably many other things too.)

I'm in the prawn cocktail category of the entrepreneurial feast. For me it's all about the idea. The idea and nothing else. I leave meat and two veg to the others. 

I've met people who say they are desperate to start a business if only they could come up with an idea. I'm the opposite, hundreds of plans but no energy, inclination or time to get off the drawing board. Or even on to it, if I had a drawing board. 

So here's a selection of enterprises you might like to run with.

Flower box. Like a veg box only flowers. A regular bunch of seasonal blooms delivered for a fixed price.

Meerkat the Groupon. Offer Supermarket. If you're fed up with hundreds of offers clogging up your inbox, then a service to bring the top ten daily. 

Size-ercise. An app into which you enter your vital - and top secret - statistics. It then scours the Internet for only things that fit.

Slurp-no-more. A device that delivers a mild electric shock to people who slurp, sniff or eat too loudly. Satisfying even if it doesn't stop them. 

Voucher voice. Coupons and vouchers that make a noise when you reach the checkout of the store they are valid for. Thereby making sure you don't forget to use them again. 

Hair off. Something you can put on at the hairdresser that really does repel hair cuttings. The deluxe version also prevents conversations that begin 'are you ready for Christmas?' or 'have you been on holiday?'.

Realcycling. Recycling for things you really want to see recycled such as single socks, curtain rings when you bought eye-let curtains, tights with ladders and posties' rubber bands. Oh and most of things you get in a tombola. 


  1. Richard Branson employs people to carry through his ideas because he says he's rubbish at details. You're an entrepreneur!

    1. Hmmm. Just let me relax at my private Caribbean island while I think that one over. x

  2. Love these ideas - especially realcycling and slurp-no-more!

  3. The slurp-no-more sounds great, I'll buy one.

    1. I'll let you know when someone bothers to invent it!


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