Friday, 21 December 2012

How to fail at fashion and social media all at once...

A bit of a turkey
Earlier this week I had an interview for some work... something interesting that would slot nicely into the portfolio career. 

I was all organised - I'd read as much background as I could find, printed out CVs as requested, put on makeup and dressed as a grown up. 

A bit like a grown-up. Dress with polo neck jersey underneath. Boots and scarf that co-ordinated. Nothing too flash or distracting. I was hoping to create an illusion of being professional and business like. 

As far as I could tell, the interview went well. As much as you ever know with these things. Lots of hand shaking and thank yous.

Then I left. As I left the building I realised that my polo neck was on the wrong way round. Not, I'll admit, a catastrophic fail, but maybe enough to put a huge dent into the shiny image of efficiency. And if they could see the manufacturer's details printed at my throat I might have tipped myself into the crazy-lady-let's-keep-smiling-and-she'll-go-away category. 

Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now. 

So I went home and tweeted about it. 

A little while later, considering the work and being curious, I looked for one of the interviewers on Twitter. There he was. Click. Follow.

Then. Oh. He had favourited my Tweet. The one where I told Twitter about my failure to get dressed properly. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, here is a cautionary tale. 

First of all, when you get dressed, don't be so busy blogging and tweeting that you don't have time to look in the mirror to check everything is on the right way. 

And secondly, if you do fail to put your clothes on properly, don't tell the world about it, especially if you made efforts to make sure your world contains one of the very people you don't want to know that you are incapable of successfully dressing like a grown up. 


  1. I feel very guilty laughing at that.


    That's such "me" thing to do

  2. Ha ha, and now you are blogging about it!

  3. ooops! I do stuff like this as well lol

  4. So, did you get the job?! Or when do you hear?

    1. Nothing heard yet. I guess if they don't want a woman with her clothes on back to front, then it wasn't the job for me!

  5. You'd get any job even if you'd broken their chair. Fingers crossed x

  6. Hehe maybe you could follow it up with a 'how to get your prospective boss to follow you' on twitter advice, you see maybe it was all part of the plan!

  7. Haha! I had a dodgy interview and then made the mistake of blogging about it. I didn't get the job, even though they had invited me to apply and the interview was meant to be a formality!! Oops.


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