Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hurry, hurry only a few hours to grab the perfect pant

Are you still struggling for inspiration for the man in your life? 

Not socks again, for pity’s sake. And nothing hobby related because you know it’s not really what he wants.

As you know I rail against sweeping sexist generalisations such as "men are rubbish" or "boys are smelly".

However, here's one I have found - over many year's experience - blokes do tend to get some rubbish stuff at Christmas. 

That's because they are notoriously difficult to get presents for (yes, I know, but it's true). They tend to buy the toys they want when they want them, they have all the kit they need for their hobbies and, often, they don't care about smelling nice. 

We've all faced the struggle to pick something, made a decision, bought and wrapped it, only to find it's still on the chest of drawers by the summer. 

Here are the worst offenders:

  • Hankies,
  • Navy blue and white stuff if he goes sailing,
  • Anything by Jamie Oliver (He wants Nigella),
  • Anything that hints at improvement (Gym membership),
  • Gimicky stuff with Bart Simpson, The Muppets or similar on them,
  • Anything that makes a fart noise – the only fart noise he likes is his own,
  • A Christmas jumper.

Well here’s something you can both benefit from – a lovely pant. has men’s undergarments on sale and there’s still time to order for the man in your life. 

Hmmm. It might be the Panther of New’s lucky year.

So rather than fobbing him off with golf tees, driving gloves or other old-before-his-time nonsense get him some underwear from 

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  1. Thank you for making me laugh this morning. Funny post!


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