Monday, 28 January 2013

28/365 And not a carrot in sight

It's nice to frame your image...

Once in a while my Super Sister and I get to sneak away from our various posts and go for a walk. Obviously we could use the time to drink cocktails and get our nails done, but that wouldn't really be very 'us'. Instead we find somewhere more or less equidistant from our homes and march around the countryside for a while. 

This time I asked the wonderful people of Twitter if they could help us with suggestions. Susan T  said we should try Carrot Glen. Sadly this was a autocorrect's version and, really, we walked in Carron Glen. Very lovely but no carrots.. Although that may be because all the carrots are lying soggily in all the gardens next to a damp scarf and a sodden hat. 


  1. Oh I love a good walk - even in London. We go from park to park. No carrots here either!

    1. And after a good walk, you will have earned cake/chips/gin/whatever...


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