Monday, 28 January 2013

New kid on the blog

Look out, he's gone on line.
You know how you remember your children's first steps, the first time they went swimming, starting school and all the other landmarks? 

Well, Boy Two had a bit moment this week - he started his first blog

So far he shows no sign of losing interest and moving on to the next thing. In fact only this evening he was muttering: "I love my blog. Blogging's great."

I hope it's only because it's the first time he's been positively encouraged to spend time on the computer at home. 

However, I am very proud of him, and not just because of his blog. Once I'd shown him how it worked, he was off messing with templates and uploading pictures. Then I introduced him to PicMonkey and now his photos are 'enhanced' and cropped. He can do links and even managed a pun in one of his post headings. This has to be educational. 

He's even doing his own version of promoting his blog - nagging me to mention it on my blog.

For my part, I'm trying very hard to let him go his own way with it - as soon as I try to suggest that he does anything differently it might feel like school and put him off. Let's see how long I can manage that...

Meantime, let me introduce A Blogging Boy.  


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