Sunday, 6 January 2013

When staying in's a bit of a struggle...

It's the last day of the holidays today. Thank heavens. The time before various upheavals seems so long ago, I can hardly remember it. 

Soothing, splendid routine. When we all know what we should be doing and, in the main, get on with doing it. 

The kids have vanished to their rooms or lying so still on the sofa they are disguised like chameleons. I know they think that if they're careful I won't remember they're there and require them to do things... together... as a family. 

An outing would be fine, but it's January 6 which means we're skint and it's peeing down. 

Theoretically I could get them involved in the running and cleaning of our home, but the reality is that would prompt a whingeing and sighing chorus so tedious I won't bother. (Yes, I know this is what they were trying to achieve)

Perhaps, if I was a different mother altogether, I could organise games or crafty creations to charm, educate and occupy them. This would be hard enough if they were all similar ages and enthusiastic. However with Boys aged 13, 10 and three the eldest of whom is an Aspie, the challenge is beyond me. And I hated that glue and glitter stuff, even when I was a kid. 

Instead boredom reigns at the Palace of Bundance.  

However, when I find them, the children seem happy enough - variously lining up cars, reading the Hobbit, and building some virtual universe. 

It's me, isn't it? I think they ought to have fresh air and exercise, stimulation and new horizons. I'm uneasy at what seems like a lack of achievement. They couldn't give a hoot. 

Can I let them loaf, idle and slump? What's the worst that can happen? Bickering by tea time? Well that was on the cards anyway. 

Tomorrow's the start of a year of activity and achievement so one more day of do-nothing won't do any harm. Will it?


  1. They'll be fine. Doing nothing is fantastic, at least they aren't whining 'I'm bored'!

    1. Spoke too soon. The whining wasn't far away!

  2. Leaving them to find things to do themselves is also a useful exercise, and it doesn't cost anything. This is very apposite, as yesterday's Torygraph carries an article and review of an expert (!) on child development who says you have to leave them alone. In fact the headline of his article is "Leave the kids alone" and this approach is described as 'revolutionary' so there you are - ahead of the trend!! His name is Paul Tough and he has just written a book - thought you might be interested. Mxx

    1. Hmmm. Did Mr Tough say what you do when they start winding each other up so badly you can no longer ignore them?

  3. No harm with letting children do nothing and being bored - as in the end they are forced to use their imagination and find ways of entertaining themselves! Here's wishing you have a great 2013! X.

  4. I have always been a great believer in letting children be bored for a bit. I am sure yours can amuse themselves and they are perfectly happy having a little bit of down time to slob about.

    Mine are worked so hard during term time they they have very little time to themselves just to be and I think when our minds are not constantly occupied with things we should be doing, they are free to wander and muse and think, which is surely a positive thing?


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