Monday, 4 February 2013

35/365 A few glasses in the kitchen...

There are currently three glasses wearers in this house - and two of those are only part timers. Interesting then that when I tackled clutter corner (kitchen) on Sunday I found all of these.

Quite a spectacle, especially when you consider that this is just the pairs that got caught in the unreliable domestic lateral drift. 

Clearly we consider that it's important to keep the old pair just in case, and probably the pair before that...


  1. I blame it all on the BOGOF culture. However I don't wear mine all the time so they are often in the place I'm not.....hence previous pairs get dotted around. Then the old old old pairs eventually get to Boots Opticians for their charity collection.

    1. I am at the stage of not needing to wear mine all the time, but doing so in order that I know where they are.


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