Sunday, 10 February 2013

41/365 Holding hands during a 6D experience

That's Boy Three and I holding hands like fury during the 6D Experience motion thrill ride. It might have looked like we were strapped into large plastic chairs in the middle of a self-important shopping centre, but really we were chasing the bad guys through a game reserve. 

Actually, it's easy to be sniffy about it but the XD Experience was really quite good fun. I did come away wondering exactly what all the Ds were. 

Clearly there are the traditional along and up of ordinary film, then the D you get wearing weird glasses. As far as I can see the sensation of wearing slightly smudged, too big specs is the greater part of that, but what do I know?

Then there must be at least one D from having a chair that bumps around a bit, plus one from the wind that puffs in your face creating the sensation of whizzing through the air leaning out of a helicopter. Well almost anyway... 

So what, then, is the other D for? I was hoping for a whiff of elephant fart or the smell of a buffalo's bottom, but nothing... 

Anyhow, Boy Three and I had fun hurtling around after the baddies narrowly missing the wildlife. And it's ever so nice when someone simply needs to hold your hand.

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