Thursday, 14 February 2013

45/365 The heart of a sneaky move

When I picked Boy Three up from nursery today. He did his usual, wonderful hurtle through from whatever game he was playing to grasp me around the thighs. 

Then he led me to the table where today's masterpieces were waiting for collection. Red fairy cakes were individually wrapped in little bags beside pink decorated cards. 

"To My Brother," read Boy Three's.

"That's nice it's for your brother - which brother?" I said. 

"Oh, you know," Boy Three said, enigmatically clutching cake and card and dragging me towards the coat pegs. 

As soon as we were outside he pulled me down to whispering level. "I said it's for my brother, but really I'm going to eat it," he said hotly in my ear.

"Oh," I said.

A huge grin spread over Boy Three's face. "I tricked the Nursery Ladies," he crowed as I strapped him into the car. "Now open my cake."

Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. He takes after his dad doesn't he? Brilliant!

    1. He does appear to - romantic to the core.

  2. This boy will go far.....but in which direction???? Mxx


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