Tuesday, 19 February 2013

50/365 Let the processing begin...

My old food processor had started to make slightly strained squealing noises and smelling rather odd. But it just wouldn't give up. 

Then one day Boy Two dropped the jug bit on the floor and it broke. Ooops. The food processor is dead, long live the food processor... there's a new kid in town. 

One of my favourite features so far is the fact that there's a box for all the bits.

So far I've made two batches of soup and I'm looking forward to much more fabulousness. My biggest difficulty is that I can't decide what to make. What do you suggest?


  1. Bread. I bet if it's a bells and whistles one it has a bread hook. Actually, I must look out an online manual for mine sometime. I have no idea what most of the bits do xxx

    1. You mean the kind of fresh bread that just cries out for a thick coating of butter?

  2. Broad bean and dill dip. Some broad beans, lots of dill, some olive oil. Yum. 30 secs work. Healthy too.

  3. That sounds good. And of course there's the Niçoise salad. I haven't made that in ages.

  4. Brioche, pesto, use it to chop up all the veggies for risotto into tiny pieces in seconds; gratin dauphinoise. These are a few of my favourite things.

    Ooh and I like making roasted tomato and red pepper soup with just a hint of root ginger. Process until smooth. Great remedy for a cold.

  5. I forgot to say that sometimes we have too many oranges in our veg/fruit box. Hardly anyone actually eats oranges, right? But the citrus juicer makes freshly squeezed with little effort or hassle. Enjoy! x


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