Sunday, 17 March 2013

76/365 a little horse

The scratchy throat excuse, the don't want to be too tired excuse, and the I don't have the right pants* excuse had all run out. I was off out early for my training run today. 

It was a moody morning, with a scattering of snow. 

I watched for a while, but this chap didn't seem inclined to dance for me. He did give me a chance to get my breath back though. 

Elsewhere, my friend Debbie was doing her first parkrun. I'm very impressed and proud of her - I think 34 minutes is an excellent time (and one that has me a little concerned, especially, as when I join her as planned on a parkrun I won't be able to stop and gaze at irritable looking ponies).

*And yes, pants. Perhaps for a future post that will contain discussion of what happens when you have three children by C-section and then try to go running. It won't be for the fainthearted.


  1. Fortunately I now also have the runners knee excuse - a condition I got after only six months of dragging myself around park runs - apparently my inner thigh muscles are not strong enough causing the knee to track incorrrectly.
    Well, that's it - I tried. No point.
    Should have stuck to my pants excuse.

    1. I'm holding out for similar. There s a bit of me that knows that running is not a sensible thing for a woman in her 40s to be doing.


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