Monday, 18 March 2013

WIN some April Fools Day fun with a Box of Shocks

I suspect the optimum age for relishing April Fools-type fun is about 10¾. While the rest of us can enjoy a little delight at making someone look an idiot, those in their tenth year will be rolling on the floor clutching their bellies and howling with laughter. 

They are also sufficiently motivated by this hilarity to lay traps, set up tricks and generally get in the spirit of the thing. 

It's a stroke of luck then that my 10¾-year-old, was on hand to review Drumond Park's Box of Shocks

It's an excellent kit packed with lots of gruesome things bound to fascinate anyone who actually 10¾ or who was once or is going to be in the future. 

Our favourite is without doubt the green snakey things that jump out of the stacking crisps jar. 

However the pen through hand trick is, actually, very convincing as is the thing that makes it look like some ratbag has written on your best shirt. 

Among the other pranks are a finger-break trick, a fake ketchup bottle, a shock glass, a spider box (you knew there'd be insects), squirt chewing gum, fake egg and the whispering magician. 

Box of Shocks costs around £19.99 from good toy retailers. For stockist information phone 01506 855577 or visit 

I have a set available to give away. Simply tell me in the comments below what your favourite April Fool prank is or has been. It could be a famous one like the 1957 spaghetti trees or one you carried out yourself. When you've done that just email your contact details to with April Fool in the subject line. Entries must be in by midnight on Friday, March 22, 2013. 

Drumond Park gave Boy Two a Box of Shocks to review and they are donating one as a prize in this giveaway. 

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  1. We played a trick on my gran telling her we had got a new pet - when we were small we thought it was a great trick!


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