Sunday, 30 June 2013

Andy Andy Andy (oh and Laura). Here's some other interesting Wimbledon stuff

Wimbledon season has arrived again, and we've still got a couple of Brits to cheer on.

We go from being utterly disinterested in tennis to being glued to it. And conversation begin "do you remember Pat Cash?". And "which year ... ?".

Well to help you out, Netvouchercodes have produced this information.

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The Complete Wimbledon Winners Timeline by the team at

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  1. In an antique shop the other day, there were several wooden racquets in their presses labelled Vintage, which put me in my place since I used one many years ago! The antique dealer/restorer who owned the place had found a quirky use for old wooden tennis racquets - he had replaced the strings with an oval mirror and displayed them on the wall!! Mxx


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