Tuesday, 25 June 2013

If the shoe fits...

Finally victory is mine!

Ha ha. One shoe means you've not won yet.

Boy Three's new shoes - See, I'm trying to fit them like a glove 

Question: What have hairdressers, undertakers and kids' shoe shops got in common?

Answer: they make feel guilty if you even think that there might be a cheaper way.

There's the notion that we might do irreparable damage to our children if we don't buy ruinously expensive shoes fitted by an expert. Irreparable damage to our wallets, more like.
I'm not arguing with the logic that footwear must fit properly, just that there's only one way of achieving this.
So I was very pleased when Verbaudet asked us to look at their fitting advice and their size chart.

They say to print out the foot plan. Of course I tried to circumvent this by getting Boy Three to put his foot on the chart... On the iPad. You're there already, aren't you? This will not work on a touch screen.

I picked this cute and comfy pair of grey and yellow sandals and, eventually, this most contrary of children deigned to wear his new shoes.

"I'll keep them on if you buy me a present."

Nice try son and nice shoes.

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