Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How to survive the post holiday blues...

I may have lured you here under false pretences. The title might lead you to think there is something uplifting, look-on-the-bright sidey... but you'd be wrong. 

The holiday's over and it's rubbish. There I've said it. 

I've been trying to seek the positive in being home after two weeks in Cornwall, but I just can't find any. Not much anyway. 

I know that after all those horrible traffic jams in the car of stink I was yearning for our front door - and our washing machine. Well now I've changed my mind, I'd rather be back there under blue southern skies eating ice cream and considering which beach to visit next. 

Instead, I'm gazing listlessly out of the window at the clouds with patches of blue and thinking that it just isn't heatwavy enough. Yes, yes. Normally here in Scotland this would count as scorching and we'd all be jolly pleased. 

Still I'm in such a funk I'm working my way through it and yesterday achieved the unlikely double of seeing the bottom of the laundry basket and sorting out the stuff for the accountant. Today I even found the address to send them too. Tomorrow I might even buy a stamp. 


No, it won't really do, will it? 

It really is time to pull myself together and find something happy to be thankful for. Some reason to be cheery about the fact that our holiday is over and we're on the slippery slope to winter and Christmas.

OK. The laundry is almost done. I have ordered a new kitchen blind in a cheery red spotty fabric, term is ages away so we are free of the school bus tyranny, Top of The Lake has just started and promises to be brilliant and The Panther is on a Rick Stein-style curry cooking mission.

So not all bad then...

Meantime, much is improved by good coffee and a piece of cake. Time to get the cafetiere out again. 

This is a partnered post, but the sentiment is mine and hopefully it's just as entertaining/self indulgent as usual. 

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