Friday, 27 December 2013

360/365 what's on your dream dinner party menu?


What would you serve to your dinner guests?

I'm asking because at Supergran's ahead of a clan gathering R and A were telling of their plans for a 1970s style do and deliberations over an authentic menu. This lead SG to her cook book shelf for this and other gems.

Gems of note include: liver with Dubonnet and orange, cold curried apple soup, syllabus and, of course, avocado mousse.

While many might be worth a nostalgic revisit (irony optional) the one, for me, that must stay right where it belongs in 1972 is brown bread ice cream. I'd forgotten til now about this thing. It's not, like fish pie or faggots, much tastier than it sounds. I remember it as being gritty and not very pleasant at all.

Update: SG has just come in and maintains it was lovely... It seems we might need to resurrect it after all to see who was right.


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