I have wide feet - broad across the knuckle and high of instep.   When I was a child, shoe buying was torture for everyone involved and I always ended up with big-looking, boring flat things. 

Perhaps that's why I've tried so many different kinds of shoes over the years. I've squidged my feet into high ones, pointy ones, cute ones. Trainers, Mary Janes, courts and FMBs. 

I am finally starting to know what I like and what fits. Sore feet are no longer worth the misery. And yet, I'm not quite ready for the footwear equivalent of elasticated waists.

Here are some of the tried and tested shoes, put through their paces by my feet.

Crocs: not so ugly after all.

Hotter shoes: do what they say on the box

Hotter Sandals to flip out over

Josef Seibel sandals - sunshine not included

Hotter shoes for happy feet

Hotter boots and fringe benefits

Josef Seibel Ilana boots

Hotter: especially for Hobbit feet

When driving a wedge is really rather a good thing.


  1. I still hate Clarks with a passion. At the age of around 6 they declared I had skinny feet and doomed me to a childhood of similar flat, boring shoes. The outcome? A complete obsession with wearing unfeasibly high-heeled sexy shoes whenever possible. Ha! Take that mother and Clarks!!!

  2. As a podiatrist - i cant tell you how much that made me smile :)

  3. When I used to go shopping with my nan looking for extra wide shoes I thought it was a chore as she never found anything comfortable and stylish! I remember being dragged up and down the shopping centres hoping she would find something she liked. I thought I struck gold when I stumbled across one day whilst surfing the net and my nan could not be happier! They have a really nice range of extra wide shoes and cater for wide feet, swollen feet and more. I highly recommend them!

  4. I have no medical knowledge on wide feet at all but I have lived with them all my life and I can say Clarks irritate me too!! They don't cater for the masses. I really do swear by Wider Fit Shoes - they cater for the masses and more - their website also has health advice in regards to feet problems. the high street stores get a lot of recognition just because of status but they aren't helpful!


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